Areas of Action

Raven Point Nature Reserve SAC

General Description

The Raven Point is situated on the south east coast of Ireland, north of Wexford Harbour. The site incorporates a large system of sand dunes comprising a set of coastal habitats, listed in Annex I of Directive 92/43/EEC.

- Surface area (ha): 594.260

- Surface description: Forested sand dune in the 1930s, containing dune characteristics with good naturalness

- Natura 2000 Code: SAC IE0000710

- Other protection status according to national or regional legislation: pNHA 712 Wexford Slobs and Harbour

The terrestrial part of the site is protected by ministerial order as a National Nature Reserve and is located within a proposed Natural Heritage Area (pNHA). NHAs are the basic national designation for wildlife and are legally protected by the Wildlife Act (2000). Proposed NHAs (pNHAs) were published on a non-statutory basis, but have been designated by law and therefore have limited protection.

Raven Point Nature Reserve is divided between marine (52%) and terrestrial (48%) areas. The entire land area is publicly owned and managed for conservation and recreation. The land area is made up of forested formations (30% of the ZEC) and coastal habitats (18% of the SAC). The land is public property of the NPWS, while the responsibility and ownership of the plantation rests with COILLTE. Various tracks and paths traverse the tree-lined formations (<1% of SAC).