Galician Atlantic Islands National Park: Challenges for the Conservation and Management of a Maritime-Terrestrial Protected Area
Javier Ferreiro da Costa, Pablo Ramil-Rego, Manuel A. Rodríguez Guitián, Hugo López Castro, Carlos Oreiro Rey, Luis Gómez-Orellana , José Antonio Fernández Bouzas
2022 |


At present, biodiversity conservation and management in Spanish National Parks in Spain must respond to a series of regulations at a European, national and regional level, also adapting to scientific-technical progress. The availability of increasingly precise data on the values to be conserved (ecosystems, habitats, species, geodiversity) in these protected areas enables more detailed management, but also requires more rigorous, powerful, and multidisciplinary tools. Maritime-terrestrial national parks are highly sensitive areas to public use, so their impact must be one of the most important factors to take into account when planning their management. This work evaluates the past and present challenges for conservation in Galician Atlantic Islands National Park (NW Spain), where biodiversity conservation and management has evolved over time in a significant way, providing a valid case study applicable to other national parks worldwide, as well as similar situations in other contexts and scenarios. Future challenges are arising in the National Park to improve the conservation status of natural habitats and wildlife, mainly through new European initiatives that may establish important synergies with other countries. Keywords: biodiversity, conservation, management, National Park, Natura 2000.

Keywords: biodiversity, conservation, management, National Park, Natura 2000 

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Manual de identidade corporativa
2022 |

Este manual reúne as ferramentas básicas para o correcto uso e aplicación gráfica da marca LIFE INSULAR nas súas posibles expresións. Foi ideado pensando nas necesidades de todas as persoas responsables de interpretar, articular, comunicar e aplicar a marca nos seus diferentes ámbitos. O correcto e consistente uso da marca LIFE INSULAR contribuirá a que consigamos os obxectivos de identificación e reforzo da mesma.

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