INSULAR network

The INSULAR network

The actions that promote awareness and dissemination of results, seek to offer a framework in which the exchange of good practices and experiences is facilitated and promoted, as well as collaborative work between projects and institutions, incorporating the conclusions of other European projects (LIFE or not), the experiences of competent European bodies of management of island habitats and conservation of Natura 2000 and the knowledge of European institutions and researchers related to this subject.

This will be achieved through the establishment of a network of two-way exchange of information, called INSULAR NETWORK, which will facilitate an environment in which synergies are encouraged and collaborative activities are developed that contribute to the improvement of knowledge and the development of capacities. The establishment of this network seeks to have an appropriate representation of other Member States of the European Union with a starting situation, needs and solutions, that is, including projects and initiatives in island and coastal territories, both Atlantic and Macaronesian, in the same way as LIFE INSULAR.

Among the European projects to form part of the INSULAR NETWORK prioritize LIFE projects related to island habitats of the European Union. Eight LIFE projects distributed among five Member States (Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland) provided their support for the establishment of networking with the REDE INSULAR. These are five LIFE Nature projects, a LIFE Adaptation to Climate Change project, an Integrated LIFE project and one more from the call of the European Solidarity Corps.

To capture its main results, a research and innovation project funded through the FP8 Research and Innovation Framework Program, established in Belgium and called "COASTAL- Cocreating evidence-based business roadmaps an policy solutions for enhancing coastal" will be included in the INSULAR NETWORK -real collaboration and synergies”. In addition, the capture of results related to two LIFE Nature projects will be carried out, one in Ireland, the LIFE Aran project (LIFE12NAT/IE/000995), which implemented habitat improvements in island territories and another one in Spain, LIFE+ARCOS (LIFE13 NAT /É/000883) which applied a series of innovative combined techniques for the ex-situ and in-situ conservation of habitat 2130* in coastal territories, similar to those used in LIFE INSULAR.

Also included in the NETWORK are a total of ten competent bodies at European level (France, Portugal) and thirteen competent administrations at local and regional level that have shown their support for LIFE INSULAR. In this way, the beneficiaries of the LIFE INSULAR project will have access to the knowledge and good practices that are being carried out in other European territories around the project. In reciprocity, all the administrations involved will receive first-hand the transfer of the results of LIFE INSULAR, promoting their replicability within the scope of competence of each one of them.

Finally, the NETWORK will include fourteen agents involved in island management and sixteen institutions, researchers and environmental entities from the Spanish and French states interested in the results of the project. The inclusion in the INSULAR NETWORK will favour the transferability and replicability of the project's results, it will increase awareness of the important role of island habitats, the Natura 2000 Network and the LIFE program, while increasing the communication of the project through its own dissemination networks .

For the operation of the network, a digital repository is created which will include all the documentation sent by the European actors related to the insular and coastal environments. To do this, they will be asked to send all the documentation produced from their projects and that it is in their interest to host in the digital repository. Likewise, LIFE INSULAR will contribute to the dissemination of the bulletins of these projects and, reciprocally, will request the dissemination of the LIFE INSULAR bulletins as well as any other documentation deemed intended for dissemination to the public.



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