Areas of Action

Illas Cíes SAC

General description

Located in front of the Ría de Vigo (Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain) is the SAC/SPA Illas Cíes, within the Atlantic biogeographic region, with a very small stable human population, in its scope the Cíes Archipelago is included, made up of the islands of Monteagudo or Norte, Faro or del Medio and San Martiño or Sur, as well as the islets of A Agoeira or Boeiro, Penela dos Viños, Carabelos and Ruzo;

- Area (ha): 990,350

- Description of the area: Atlantic insular space that includes the homonymous archipelago and the surrounding marine surface

- Natura 2000 Code: SPA (ES0000001), SAC (ES0000001)

- Other protection status in accordance with national or regional legislation: In accordance with Law 42/2007 (state) and Law 5/2019 (autonomous), the SAC/SPA Illas Cíes has the simultaneous consideration of:

1. Protected Natural Area (National Park, Natura 2000 Network Protected Area, Protected Wetland)

2. Area Protected by International Instruments (OSPAR Marine Protected Area, Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, UNESCO World Heritage (indicative list))

Approximately 55% of the area of ​​the SAC/SPA Illas Cíes corresponds to marine areas. In the remaining 45% (land surface), natural environments (dune systems, wetlands, coastal scrub and cliffs) represent 71% of the island territory, areas with forest plantations of non-native species 24%, tourist use is concentrated in beach systems and other areas delimited for this purpose (3%), and finally urbanized areas should be highlighted with the remaining 2%.

The marine surface of the SAC/SPA Illas Cíes are territorial waters of the Spanish State. For its part, on the island surface, the areas closest to the coastline are included within the Maritime-Terrestrial Public Domain, while most of the land surface (more than 90%) corresponds to publicly owned land (of DXPN), in which the specific conservation actions of LIFE INSULAR will be carried out. The rest of the land area is private.