Areas of Action

Archipiélago Chinijo SAC

General Description

This space, located in the Macaronesian biogeographic region, includes the islets of La Graciosa and Alegranza to the northwest of Lanzarote, as well as an important coastal strip that covers the entire western flank of the Famara massif (Famara rocks) and the esplanades of Lomos Blancos , Sacominas and Costa Blanca.

- Area (ha): 8,865,300

- Description of the area: Space that includes the islets to the northwest of Lanzarote and an important coastal strip

- Nature 2000 code: SAC ES7010045

- Other protection status in accordance with national or regional legislation:

The SAC Archipiélago Chinijo (ES7010045), which includes the SPA Islotes del norte de Lanzarote y Famara (ES0000040), in accordance with Law 42/2007 (state) and Law 4/2017 (autonomous) was also designated as:

1. Protected Natural Area (Natural Park)
2. Natura 2000 Protected Area (Natura 2000 Protected Area)
3. Area Protected by International Instruments (Biosphere Reserve, Global Geopark)

The entire territorial scope of the SAC  Chinijo Archipelago (ES7010045) corresponds to land surfaces. Of these, 61% of the area is public, while the remaining 39% is private area. Within the public property of this SAC, the insular territory of La Graciosa stands out, where the entire island is owned by OAPN (associated beneficiary of LIFE INSULAR) in accordance with the Order of October 10, 2002, with the exception of the population centers of Caleta del Sebo and Pedro Barba.

The main land uses are those related to the eminently coastal nature of this SAC, since 96.3% of it is occupied by coastal scrub and rocky outcrops (which reach 60.7% of the total SAC) and beach-dune complexes (representing 35.6% of the SAC). Of the remaining area, agricultural uses in the SAC account for 2.7% of the space, and finally continuous and discontinuous urban uses occupy 1%.