2023/03/27: Uptaking results and networking between LIFE ARCOS and LIFE INSULAR

IBADER from University of Santiago de Compostela, as coordinating beneficiary of LIFE INSULAR project, and INDUROT from University of Oviedo, as coordinating beneficiary of LIFE ARCOS project, held an interesting exchange of knowledge on the 23rd March at Barayo Nature Reserve (Asturias, Spain), also included in Natura 2000.

The extensive know-how generated by LIFE ARCOS, especially regarding the elimination of forest plantations and the control of invasive alien species in dune ecosystems, allowed the uptaking of its results by LIFE INSULAR, which can be implemented and replicated during the planned actions in the Spanish and Irish island Natura 2000 areas targeted by this project.

The visit also promoted important and valuable networking between the work teams of both projects in improving the conservation status of dune ecosystems.


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