The meeting was held by video call, and made it possible to report on the progress of preparatory actions during 2022 and the beginning of conservation actions towards 2023, fundamentally related...

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2022/11/26: LIFE INSULAR held second coordination meeting

On November 25, 2022, the second LIFE INSULAR coordination meeting took place between the project partners (IBADER-USC, DXPN, OAPN, TRAGSA, NPWS, COILLTE), via video call.

The meeting made it possible to report on the progress of the preparatory actions during the year 2022, mainly those related to the characterization of the action areas, and the involvement and awareness of the local communities in the areas where the project will operate in Ireland. Likewise, a joint planning of the conservation actions of the project was carried out towards 2023, fundamentally related to the start of the work of collecting seeds/propagules, as well as the elimination of invasive exotic species of flora.