2022/06/30: Presented the LIFE INSULAR project in Ireland in celebration of World Dunes Day

Coinciding with World Dune Day, the LIFE INSULAR project was presented in Donegal and a campaign linked to it, which had been developed throughout the summer, in which it is intended to highlight the fragility of Donegal's dune systems, highlighting its importance in the protection of coastal ecosystems, and its role as a habitat for unique species for the conservation of wildlife and in mitigating climate change. The LIFE INSULAR project is co-financed by the EU and in Ireland, through COLITE and the Parks and Wildlife Service of the Government of Ireland, in collaboration with local communities, it will take steps to protect and conserve these ecosystems on the beach of Murvagh, in the forest parks of Ards and Rincluevan and in Curracloe.

The collaboration between researchers and local communities aims to develop long-term management plans for these areas, with the aim of increasing the biodiversity, value and resilience of these ecosystems in the face of global climate change and marine growth, trying to ensure that generations future people can continue to enjoy these spaces in a sustainable way.