2022/05/02: First visit of IBADER to the Irish sites of LIFE INSULAR proyect

The visit served to establish common criteria in_situ for the planning of concrete conservation actions with the Irish partners.

The IBADER of Campus #Terra, as coordinating beneficiary of the LIFE INSULAR project, visited the Irish places of action of the same, located in the counties of Donegal and Wexford, on April 29 and 30. The visit was carried out in the company of personnel assigned by the Irish partners of the project: National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and Coillte Nature.

This project, of a transnational nature between Spain and Ireland, presents as one of its main strategies the elimination of old forest plantations (some with invasive species) to increase the area occupied by priority habitats within the island territories, extremely vulnerable to processes of overall change.

During the visit, various technical talks were held on the ground, highlighting the aspects related to prior planning and ex_ante evaluation of the places of action, as well as the need to have a correct execution of the specific conservation actions to avoid damages taking into account the fragility of island ecosystems.